Jan Sagemüller


Ah, the raw, untouched beauty of Northern Germany - a mesmerizing landscape that encapsulates in its heart, a profound, unforgettable memory of my beloved and I. A winter honeymoon it was, endowed with a unique charm, one garnished with subtle elements of stark magnificence and intimate serenity. As we ventured upon the deserted, icy beaches, the howling gales whispered tales untold, cradling us in a grand symphony of nature. The biting chill of the swirling wind carried a strange, fresh kind of warmth, the kind that sets the soul ablaze with the pulsating thrill of exploration. With the world around us asleep under a blanket of hoarfrost, the scenery was ethereal. I remember staring together at the distant horizon, the cerulean waters laced with frothy white breaking against the icy shoreline, a spectacle that manifested the impressive might of nature and its poignant beauty in the face of stark cold. Wrapped in layers of affection and comfort against the chilly winds of northern Germany, we delved deeper into the landscape. I recall walking hand in hand with my heart's companion, the echoing crunch of our footsteps on the frost-kissed sands the only evidence of our existence in what felt like a world removed from time. A profound connection with history still lingers in northern Germany. Its resilient structures that bear a stark contrast to the unforgiving winters served as a testament to the unyielding spirit of man. This fascinating encounter with the past, set against the backdrop of the wintry fairy tale, left us profoundly moved. Reflecting back on our solitary sojourn amidst the splendid isolation of a German winter, our hearts are filled with an immense sense of peace and appreciation. As if time stood still, and it was our souls that heard the rhythmic chanting of the winds and the songs of the winter sea. It is an experience, a lesson in love and life, that we shall cherish, forever and a day.