Jan Sagemüller


As a photographer, I am always looking for new ways to experiment with different techniques and equipment. One summer evening in 2011, I decided to try my hand at macro photography using a flash and a lamp. I was eager to see how the combination of the two would impact my shots and create new and unique lighting effects. I set up my equipment and began to explore the world of macro photography, capturing the smallest details of everyday objects and bringing them to life in a new way. The flash and lamp created a dramatic contrast between light and shadow, highlighting the intricate details of each subject in a way that was truly breathtaking. As I experimented with different angles and lighting setups, I discovered new and unexpected ways to capture the beauty of the world around me. The combination of the flash and lamp allowed me to play with different textures and colors, creating a visual feast for the eyes. In conclusion, my experiment with macro photography using a flash and a lamp was a truly rewarding experience. It allowed me to explore a new technique and create unique and stunning shots that captured the beauty of the world in a new and exciting way.